Starting Writing Vs Really Writing

I just wrote a snippet of what could be the start of a story, and of course it was very exciting cause I could picture the whole story in my head.. But do I really want to do all that is involved to turn it out into a full length story??
Cause writing a complete story is so much harder then starting one.
But a story you have to think about each character and what they are all doing and where it will be going.  When you start to write things flow.

Anyway, I might turn it into a story now that I have written it, in my spare time (cause lately I am focusing on the 3d art aspects more then the writing as of late.)  But I think there is always spare time somewhere in the day and maybe I can sneak in something from the bits and pieces of my already fractured up day..

Anyways, in short, writing a book, is not as easy as starting one.  But I think it is doubly rewarding to have something you can say you’ve done.  I love the feeling of finishing things, and that is my rush in my day, to say I have gotten something of value done.
I love to read my own words on the page, and know I wrote them, and like them.  So I think it is worth.  But it’s not easy.



Breathe Life with your Words

Been happily plugging away. Though sometimes I don’t know if anything is coming together or not. I mean I have a lot of writing, but is it turning into a full length story? I’m not sure.

Last couple days new doubts have been freshly coming up like the morning lawn. And I have been taking some pause as I try to answer them to myself. It is more then doubt though. I am trying to ferment inside of myself my character. Trying to make his appearance in my life realer, more vivid. And also understand the world he lives and also the conflict he breathes that I will somehow have to write. Is it enough conflict though? Talk conflict to me! What are the problems, how big are they and how impossible do they seem to solve? The worse off the better. That’s what everything I have read up to this point on conflict tells me and I am apt to believe. Except believing does not a conflict enhanced story make. And so if he doesn’t get the girl, then.. so what? Uh it’s a … bad day? A really bad day. Sigh.

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So what… Just like the frustrations of everyday life. No one is going to have a lot of sympathy for someone going through the same stuff everyone else has to go through. In writing, I have to find a way to make it bigger then real life. But how?

Maybe it means more fermenting, more bubbling it all over in my head, till things make sense. Till the answer just pops. I hope it will. I twist in my chair doubtfully, and hoping the next writing session will cure the looming questions that are plaguing.

No I know.. It is time to break out a day where I pick apart the plot. Being merciless and ravaging and all that fun stuff.