The Holy Boulder

I’m following, ” The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.” I heard about here:
I was challenged to write a 100 word story frmom a picture of a holy/hole-y boulder.

“The boulder with many eyes!” Tiffany said, excited. I rolled my eyes. Her expression soured. She spat in front of me. I kicked brush over. And looked at her, five inches over me.
“That’s stupid.” I reply, annoyed, tossing my hair. I was ready to be on the trail and getting home.
“Wait, really I’m not lying. It’s really special,” she said. Then I looked and saw.
“Colors on the rock, divots, they’re really eyes. Which means, it’s really alive.” I say awed. Then I spit on the ground, “I’m Leaving,” I shout, then stomp off, kicking debris up everywhere.


The picture I got from Unsplash by nathan-dumlao