The Holy Boulder

I’m following, ” The Friday Fictioneer Challenge: Write a 100-word story based on the photo.” I heard about here:
I was challenged to write a 100 word story frmom a picture of a holy/hole-y boulder.

“The boulder with many eyes!” Tiffany said, excited. I rolled my eyes. Her expression soured. She spat in front of me. I kicked brush over. And looked at her, five inches over me.
“That’s stupid.” I reply, annoyed, tossing my hair. I was ready to be on the trail and getting home.
“Wait, really I’m not lying. It’s really special,” she said. Then I looked and saw.
“Colors on the rock, divots, they’re really eyes. Which means, it’s really alive.” I say awed. Then I spit on the ground, “I’m Leaving,” I shout, then stomp off, kicking debris up everywhere.


The picture I got from Unsplash by nathan-dumlao


A Place in Your Arms

What Place do you remember?

I remember being in your arms. real or imagined. Tanned, strong, warm. The fire is crackling and popping in front of us and you are whispering me how much you love me in my ear as I grin. Sound moves the air around me and tickles my ear and neck. Warm. It feels so nice as you play with my arm, creating the gentlest circles, carving paths there. But I know in the back of my mind not to believe you. Though I have no reason to think this. Because I know you are probably a great person. You seem like you are. Something about how nice you feel, makes my mind riot in believing. But the glass of wine, and the gentle rhymic cracle of the fire humming through the air, and the strong arms coiling me tighter, turns off my fighting reflex. And I start to sink instead.

I feel myself falling asleep, gentle sounds, feelings, smell around, and those words still on the tip of my thoughts, you repeating them over and over like a chant to me as I drift down lower and lower. And I am going down, till i find am in water with seaweed in my mouth and hair and I’m spitting it out, salt. And looking about.
Bluish water, pebbles underfoot, and watery flowy plants.

And then I rise a moment later, and I pull up out of it, and wake up back in the apartment. And you are gone. I put on my flip flops and wander out into the apartment tentatively looking around. But I am met with empty corners instead. I am going outside without a thought on it, the feel of the cold air, and smell of the smog both hitting me at once, the loud honking and engines on the side of me. People walk and push past me, and look angrily at me cause I won’t get out of their way. And I walk like this. In this haze. Where did you go. I keep looking as if on a beach, if I keep at it I will find it. The treasure with golden blocks inside.

But there the streets wind like a maze that I am too tired to pursue. And so I sit on a bench next to a man rolling a cigarette. I put my head in my hands and I cry. I wanted so much for that dream to be true.


writing 101 day 3 favorite songs free write

three songs:
this night black lab
another new world josh ritter
video games lana del rey

This Night:
This Night is about guilt, not feeling good enough but wanting to go on anyway.   I feel that.

Another New World:
This man has a great dream. He will find the new world. And he will take his beloved ship, the Annabel Lee.  But when things go awry and he finds out his dream is nothing but a dream.   He has to sacrifice his ship to survive.  And this violent act represents giving everything up for an illusion and returning with nothing, the old world is destroyed for him in the process.  This song is meaningful to me because of all the times I have chased after things that turned out to be nothing more than sweet nothings.

Video Games by Lana Del Rey
Songs by Lana Del Rey are to me amazing.  There are so many feelings in one song of hers.  Love, sadness, doing the wrong thing and knowing it and doing it anyway, a sort of self harm, freedom.  I don’t know.  I can’t even say what this song is really about.