How to think of ideas for writing:

I try to keep my titles short and concise, because I heard once it is more appealing to see a short title, always we must cut off all unnecessary things.  Because I imagine with so many things out there, everything vies for attention, one must make the package so short for that reason.  Anyway, I didn’t do that obviously.  7 words is a fairly long title.

Anyway I digress..
So i am writing a short.  And I have spent a lot of time not being inspired to write things.  Or writing without inspiration and then losing the feel of what I am trying to write.

So many people have told me how important it is to write the plot.  But no one ever told me How to write a plot.  Basically Pantsers are writing by inspiration.  But sometimes the inspiration dries up (for me anyway) when I tell myself:  Now, You.. Sandra.. Write the Plot.  Now.  Tell me everything that will happen.  I have my notepad/paper and pencil out.
But then I dry up like the family well in dust bowl season.  And I think maybe I will leave the writing to someone else.
But story is everything right?  So we need to pick up our pants and get going.

Okay no more delay.  This may or may not be helpful to someone.  But it helped me when I realized it.

First off start out with putting down the images, the inspiring ideas that got you excited in the first place.  If there is no idea, then you may have blocked it out without realizing it, and be sure to jot down the next idea no matter if it sounds like it will be great or not.  And do that a few times.
These are the fragments.  They are unfortunately (at least not for me) becoming a full fledged beautiful story outline all by themselves.

So this is what I do.. I combine the pantser methods into the planning plotting stage.
So I am like well I need to know more about this character.. And then I pantser it.
Then I think how do these two people meet?  I ask all the plotting questions, and then I free write the answers.
Then later I look at what I got and try to piece the story together.  Then I start over again with the more refined questions until I have a decent story.  Ta da!
So simple and yet this method eluded me for a year or more.

I thought I had to approach the plotting stage like a dried up old accountant with a large mustache.  I thought I had to leave my now frowned on impulsiveness at the door.  And invite this refined pastry chef with plans and more plans for making the best flambee’.  But no, my impulsive ADHD side stays with me even for this part.  And now I can write my story out.

Another side note, is let your story be whatever size it will be.  It may be fun to break out and change the length of the story.  Idk, that is just occurring to me.

OKAY that’s it.  Everyone Write Safely..  ((maniacal laughter))



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