So You Want to Sleep in a Dungeon Eh?

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Dungeons are dangerous places where mortals fear to tread, save for those brave enough (or stupid and desperate enough).  Adventures throw their bodies and wits against dangerous traps, horrible horrors, and ravenous beasts all in the hopes of gaining some glory and loot.

However, often times, characters are tired after slogging through the dungeon for several hours and need to rest.  What happens when characters make camp in a place filled with unspeakable things?!

Just random encounters?  Naw!  Take a step to the plate and roll a d20 and enjoy!  PDF Version: So You Want to Sleep in a Dungeon Eh?!

So You Wanna Sleep in a Dungeon Eh?

1 An insect bites you in the night and you wake up with your face completely swollen.  -2 to perception checks for next 8 hours.
2 You wake up with strange leach-like creatures all over yourself and feel queasy.  -2 to…

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