Some notes:


Decaf coffee:  When I drink decaf coffee I notice it is even worse for me then not drinking coffee.  I will almost certainly pass out from tiredness on the couch at some point in the day of a decaf day.
Which if I had nothing I would not do.  I do not know why.  I know it doesn’t make any sense.  But there is also something very disappointing about a decaf coffee, when I drink.  The taste is fine, but it is missing something.. something important.

To sum up: decaf: a disappointing drink.

Rice cakes:  Also, a disappointing snack.. Actually they are delicious to me.  I love the light crunchiness.  That is why i got them.  They have the light touch of honey but it is light enough that I don’t feel like I am eating something unhealthy and still has all the emotional appeal- Oh hey I am eating a healthy rice cake, or a bran bar!  I will now fit in with those people who ride bikes places!
But then I feel like it goes nowhere near my stomach.  The rice puffs must somehow fly up in the atmosphere, because they are not filling!  I got a pack at CostCo, so I am aware that I spent 10 bucks on them, and there isn’t all that many.  I don’t even know how many I would have to eat before I was aware I ate something after…And so, as much as I love rice cakes, I am realizing this is not a realistic snack for me.

Dark Tower is coming to the movies!  Good or terrifying??  I love the series, read through 5 books of it so far… (for me that is a lot of love to a book series).  But O.  Did the trailer show 1..2..3.. books in one movie?!
Welp, that’s not the best sign, but I guess I will still give it a chance.

My Projects Update/Writing/Short Movie:  Been trying to write a script for a 3d short.. I have several stories(about 4 in my head now).  Many will all want to be larger then a 4 – 10 minute short.  But I have to start small.
Anyway I have really been trying to spend time writing and developing the ideas, and it’s really hard.  I don’t want to just throw something together, I want it to be good/ to be ‘right.’
I think one problem is trying to make a short movie, and at least starting out by myself, there is so much involved in that.  3d modeling/story boarding/writing/editing/rigging/animating/compositing/concept art/environment design/research/awareness of anatomy and perspectives (not in that order) along with other work i have to do.
But I have been feeling for months the digging feeling of, it’s time to get started..  And so i have.
I have been writing/story boarding and doing a lot of other things to prepare.  But it has been really hard to get back into writing.  I really have not been writing cause I have been too busy with the art side.  I am just hoping it will come together in the end.
The hardest part I think is starting with getting the inspiration and starting out the pantser, and then deciding to be a plotter and start really taking the idea and figuring it out better.  I can feel right when that happens in a story because you’ll suddenly not know what is going on with the characters and writing what is happening suddenly drops to be a lot harder.




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