Ameta Phore

“Seeing a beautiful person like you is hot cider on a cold day to me.”
“The wha?”
“I don’t make sense much.. I’m a never ending road with no destination.”
“okay..” Her eyes are saying I’m nuts. And her feet are inching away from me, towards the next group. I guess you are probably right, i think back to her.
“So you from this neck of the woods?” I say.
“No,” she says.
“So where are you from? You know they say that where a person is from, will indicate secrets in their heart?”
“Oh they do? Well I am from the West.”
“Oh Okay.” I rub my invisible goutee, contemplating this new information.
“So what are the secrets in my heart?” I lean into her.
“You know if you come with me to dinner I will tell you about them..”
“That sounds tempting.. But I don’t know if your soul is a sweet melody through a gentle breeze, or black tarry cigarettes burned into a leather seat.”
“Good point. But if you change your mind, here is my number.” She let out a small laugh and then wanders away. After much time I still wonder about her if she lives in all day pass carnival, or she’s stuck on the next bus station out that never takes off and wondering about what our lives could have been like merged into a single coiled system. Oh well, guess I’ll never know now. Too bad. She was really beautiful cup of cider on a really freezing, much too long day.


Treat Tricks and Tricker Treats

The kids went trick or treating and for the most part Halloween was great.  The kids loved their costumes, there were some very creepy houses around which the kids enjoyed.  One was an actual haunted house set up which left me somewhat spooked as there was a long hall between the street and the door which was filled with scary music, pulsating light, and demonic heads.
My son wanted to go home before his older sister.  This has been very typical from years before, but this time we could let her go after he came back home.  (By then however it seemed that the night sort of had tired itself out anyway and we came home almost as soon as we left).. Then of course the kids high on sugar all night became like monsters in the house haunting it for the adults, jumping out of hiding spaces, laughing maniacally etc, and in the night we hear shrieks of kids whose human decibals reached way above the classic, ‘inside voices rule.’  Our little monsters of the night, but in a charming, you can’t help but love your own kids way, which if it were another persons kids it wouldn’t at all be cute..
Except now I see bags of candy that didn’t get used.. And it’s the next day and i am alone in the house with the candy…
I’ve been on and off a diet for the last 6 months been trying to shed off some 10 pounds I had from a past chocolate near addiction (why can’t they have a 12 step chocoholic anonymous program around here?)
And for the last month the chocolate near the check out lane has been truly calling for me to take it home, and I have been so good, and resisted all month… And now it’s here in my home!

I have not been terribly successful with my diet.  High intentions when I started and I did shed 5 pounds which for the most part has stayed off.  I know that isn’t much, for a solid month of effort and 3 months of less of an effort, but still an effort, which is why lot’s of chocolate coming into the house when I am such a morally weak character around chocolate is so concerning!