People. What are all these people?

Hello world.
hello   world..
Is it okay if my text crowds up or do you want a little more S                   P                          A                      C                               E                                  ?                    ?                    ?

Poetry can be in everything.
Feelings can be squeezed out of a person at any time.. But only if they want it to.

We all have limits that we put up that others must tread around, while also looking for opportunities as well to let our walls down as well, when its safe to do so
we put gates up, yet we are also social and want to let others in.  This is human nature, we are a walking conundrum of lines this way and that, and unspoken rules for what makes a decent playmate in our yard.

That is why we say kids can be cruel, cause we pick this up young.. because we are all in a pot of sorts, mixing with others, and learning, it has to be this way.


I want to stretch my leaves and g ro ow…
But i don’t know how to grow.. cause I think I may grow sideways by mistake..  So I stay in a small pot, in a small room, and I am happy this way.


I never ever understood humanity, or people.  The rules people have.  I have watched so many people walking down the street in my life, it seems.  I always watch, cause I have to see if I can understand, and yet never do.. I am a pathetic person this way.  So I stay back even more, to give people their space.  And I find it is good to do so, cause I can focus on what I want most in my life.  My own pursuits.

Why is it always Us vs Them?  It always has been.  So peculiar to be stuck in a particular war of sides.  And I don’t even *know Them anyway..



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