BOOK REVIEW… sort of. Bleak House by Charles Dickens

Here is a book I read recently and my thoughts on it.

Bleak House by Charles Dickens.. Okay I didn’t finish it.  But I listened to 9 hours on audiobook, so i think it should count for something.
I started Moby dick like this one time, sure I would get through it all and learn heaps in the process.
You hear everyone say.. don’t read Stephen King or name favorite pop book writer of today which features all the things you are told you must write in order to sell a novel.  Read the Classics.. The Classics will teach you.. something.
So actually read that bleak House was the most favorite and inspirational book to Alfred Hitchcock.. which I had been watching lately because people were telling me, don’t watch regular movies.. watch The Classics.  But that is for another time.
So I am reading the monster, I call it that, 800 some pages, or just 100 shy of Moby Dick.  Which is famous for a sea captain and a whale, I mean.. being a Whale of a book..
And some many hours in, I suddenly realize as much as i am trying to pay attention and keep everything together, and make sense of it, I suddenly realize I have no idea what is going on.. It was a truly scary moment as I have already put many hours into this, and I also don’t want to go back and repeat any of those hours..
So I read reviews, maybe get some mini spoilers to help give me some feeling, Ah that makes sense.. And fortunately that is what I got.  Apparently it is all Dickens messing with my head is all.
But seriously, after part 7 or 10.5 hours so far (and no where near completion) I am taking a break, and moving on to something else..
Will I ever finish this, the outlook right now is Bleak.  However I will say that people say this book is fantastic too.  And I do find it interesting, despite my very short….oooh butterfly!  (Britney Spears attention span in a Mozart concert…)…


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