Halloween Story: Cat

Windy day, it howls.
Cat walks by the garden gate, she does not she in for pretty big surprise, neighbors are rustling out their pot and looking at poor kitty kitty with gleaming eyes.  Come kitty, come.. Kitty walks, her tail hugging the fence post and letting out a shrill mew, like a tinkling bell.
The sun is starting to set, and sky turns a milky color.  With all of it being washed out and hazy with overcast.  When kitty enters their yard, the grass prickles her toes, but she notice the lawn perfectly flat square.  She don’t notice before when she entered exactly but she see the fence around tall, tall.
Mama comes over, that is the name this human is called here,  Mama look down and say what a nice nice kitty, and here is a saucer of milk for you.  Well kitty very hungry and happily laps up this food.  While a tall boy reaches with his large hand petting her soft fur.
Then gently his fingers curl under her soft belly.
Pick her up and carry her.  My milk.  Why you taking me away from my milk?

She feel the steam, warm, so warm.  Kitty was cold, it has dipped below freezing several nights now.  She hides under a cardboard box she found by an ‘old beaut’ car this week, and it helps only a little.  She look down, The black pot.  Water popping big as toads.
Wait!  What are you doing to me?  Mew Mew Let me down!  Let me down…

The End.
Moral:  None.. poor poor kitty.


6 thoughts on “Halloween Story: Cat

  1. I wrote this for you.

    A nightmare in a rocking chair.

    The cat awoke from its long lasting nap,

    It stretched in the lap of the old woman.

    It wanted to be scratched. It purred and snuggled.

    But then the smell of food got its attention.

    It leaped down and went to the bowl to catch the few scraps left.

    Then it went back to the lap.

    No petting occurred even though he meowed.

    Wake up owner and pet me he meowed.

    But his murmurs went unanswered.

    Ten days later they found the old woman because of the smell.

    The cat was very hungry but at least it did not starve.

    It eat tough old flesh with little meat but at least it was some substance.

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