The Archives of Facebook Explored

Facebook and the internet in general is a really interesting experiment on how people change over time.  I was reading a random facebook user’s page, based on one comment they had, which somehow sent me into reading every comment they made over time over the last 4 years they’ve been on facebook and it is really especially interesting to see the change over time. And yes I probably only was on facebook doing this because I was procrastinating instead of cleaning and preparing for Thanksgivings guests.  And there are tons and tons of people out there with their stories displayed like this.

Though I have a lot of old facebook comments and posts which are terrible to me now.  I went through a spiritual stage where I posted every sappy picture of a flower with some comment about the beauty of it, the perfection of life. Argh.  And I also went through a political phase where I started posting lots of political posts too.  Because I thought facebook would be a good place to not just be a face, but to share an opinion.  Later I would go back through a lot of my timeline and delete some of that out of there.  And yet some of the older posts do still remain, speaking of a time that does not exist now.  A me that is no longer here, but still for a while was there, and the evidence is right there for anyone to see.

But still, this housing of our journal comments over time like this, the unfolding of people over time, is interesting.  I wonder what that will mean.  What we are going to do with these mountains of information?  That is besides fill up the mountains of computers sitting in NSA headquarters for who knows what, that is.  Is there some other useful point to this.  Blogs are also like massive archives too.  Where in the future there will be records of all these people and the things that they wanted to write about and say.  What will people think of these entries then?


And for my random picture to go with this post:

facebook over time

facebook over time