I didn’t deserve this, But I will not go down easily

The first time I died, I was nineteen years old, and resigned to my fate; the second time was a different story. I didn’t deserve it that time. The book said nothing about this in my fate, and so I knew this was all Crag-ash Bs. That Purym man was going to get what he deserved. I may be dead, but I still have some Cantrburm that I had taken back before just encase someone decided to change some of the writings around.
And so I walk the streets, like anyone else. But what I see is the soft flames of peoples soul as they walk by, there time shows to me, if I look sometimes I can read other code from the book on them. It is definitely not what I normally did before.
Yesterday I got a call from a man named Shannon, he wanted me to come down to his building which I later found was a private detective’s office. He said he knew about what happened to me, and he offered to help me find the man who did this to me if I would agree to work for him. But here’s the deal, I just don’t have a lot of time, my days are now very precious to me.
I don’t know. I told him.

This was a prompt from https://wordpress.com/read/post/feed/1312248/760397368


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