Do you have a favorite anti hero?  What is it about them that draws people in?  We watch them stumble around and do things we know are a mistake, but there is also a deeply relateable side to them that makes us want to root for them anyway, even when they are wrecking havoc on everything else that is going on.  And then we can’t take our eyes away because we know the train wreck is about to ensue, and we want all the answers… like how?  why?  and what happens next?  Which inevitably leads to even more complications down the line.

Well here are some anti heroes I have been exposed to and like.. I also go into some of the symbolism that I thought I saw when I watched the shows, but I may be mistaken on that one, I’m not really sure.  Like any work of art, there are many interpretations about things, and there are many different right answers.

Gregory House on House M.D, who saves lives but doesn’t think life means anything and does not mind in the least emotionally hurting others and needs to do this to keep his own pain at bay.

His pain on his leg, the hole their was symbolic of his pain, and not only that, but his inability to function like a normal person. He can not just walk, but needs a cane to supprt him otherwise he topples, and it is the same emotionally, he depends on others, while also needing to keep everyone completely back so no one and especially not him sees him in any emotionally fragile position.

Tom Neville from Revolution is not the main character but is a very interesting character, someone who starts out a good guy but turns into ‘what he has to be’ in order to survive. But what is truly heart breaking is what he throughout the series does to his son, as he sees it is best for their family.

Which to me is about how twisting the family he has, to his own different moral views, and under the weight of this, so this anti hero to me is all about family and bad parenting from the emotionally strained parent, and the effects of that on the child.

Walter White: is also one I like a lot. I also love the irony of his last name being white, white as in pure, as this was how he was when he started, and also white as in the typical color of methamphetamine. Also named after a real meth dealer. But I really strongly disliked his character at times, and many times was wondering the same question as the people in the show, why? And I guess he was in a prison before the show started emotionally and the show was him breaking out of it, but at the expense of everyone around him.

So then what happens is this, When I do what makes me happy, and feel alive and how a human should be, in the end I am being completely selfish and hurting everyone around me. Which is terrible.


If you want to, in the comments tell me about your favorite anti heroes.  Do you prefer anti heroes or heroes?


2 thoughts on “AntiHeroes

  1. Both are nice to have, the Anti more at times. Simply because the Hero has the same job in everything. The Anti gives me the feeling that I shouldn’t like or hope this person is successful, but I’m going to secretly do it anyway lol.

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