5 minute dream

this is the five minute dream, there is a large spiraling spires in this church and huge stained glass arch windows. I could feel the gritty clean white sand feel beneath my finger tips, as I approached the marble slick steps, no expense excluded here. As I come in I am welcomed to the black and white checkered tile, that clicks under toe. My skirt drapes lightly over.
I guess I am in a game of chess now, before the monuments and sculptures of peopel from way before my time, maybe it is a game I cannot know, or one I am in but don’t know of.
I sit down at the bench and the smell of musky wood enters me, it reminds me of the cedar forests outside of the edges of town, where there is the folk who don’t go here for their mass. Yes there are groups roaming around on the outskirts, with the tallest of trees, and the wild bears, who have made a different set of rules then what is here. And who is to say? Maybe they have their own game too?


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