2 minute writing Cat prompts

2 minute writing sentences, the prompts come from the Write Practice.

1. The cat scratched at the door. He left deep marks into the door. His hiss was contorted as the wind howled through leaves behind him. I would not let the cat in here though.

2. There was no money to buy cat food. Fred was angry I guess you could say. But it was more of a displeased look set with the expression of not caring about anything that always seemed to be there.

I patted him on the head when he slowly made his way to the food dish that morning, sorry not today, I have to keep the checking account balanced you see. Yowl… he said lazily and then let out a big yawn and then slowly made his way back to bed.

3. The cat walked out the door when the wind blew the door open. Blue and orange mottled streaks went through its fur. Its eyes like dark orange marbles shined in the midnight light. A strange wind seemed to only grow.


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