I didn’t deserve this, But I will not go down easily

The first time I died, I was nineteen years old, and resigned to my fate; the second time was a different story. I didn’t deserve it that time. The book said nothing about this in my fate, and so I knew this was all Crag-ash Bs. That Purym man was going to get what he deserved. I may be dead, but I still have some Cantrburm that I had taken back before just encase someone decided to change some of the writings around.
And so I walk the streets, like anyone else. But what I see is the soft flames of peoples soul as they walk by, there time shows to me, if I look sometimes I can read other code from the book on them. It is definitely not what I normally did before.
Yesterday I got a call from a man named Shannon, he wanted me to come down to his building which I later found was a private detective’s office. He said he knew about what happened to me, and he offered to help me find the man who did this to me if I would agree to work for him. But here’s the deal, I just don’t have a lot of time, my days are now very precious to me.
I don’t know. I told him.

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Part 1 The Death

Part 1 The Death
He was ready to die he had said goodbye to his things. The disease was taking over everything and his immune system couldn’t stop it. For the last 30 months he spent in doctors offices with different treatments all aimed at stopping what was happening now. He had hurt, and ached, and carried on with the pain, trying to keep it to himself, but there was nothing good about those last 30 months. He gripped and tried to hold on, and now it was all going to end anyway. He let himself go, felt the shocks of a seaizure ripple through him, he reached for his pills, but they were out of reach. If he could reach maybe he could hold on for a little while longer, a few more months of t

A side to tell..

Everyone has a side to tell.
Lucifer took off his heavy red cloak as it draped over your chair, the wrinkles snapping as it landed. He wiped off a thick bead of sweat off his red as a firetruck face, and smiled a large inviting smile as someone who has had generations of stories to tell, and someone you would invite over for rolls and turkey gravy. His large white teeth gleaning.  Still we wondered, unsure, a little frightened of this behemoth before us.  Was he really who he says he is, and if so should we be scared?
As he sat and rolled his pitchfork around in his hands, back and forth back and forth, feeling the cool metal, and it tinking against the chair, he looked at me, his brown eyes rippling large puddles and I found myself looking into them and being sent back into other times as he spoke, spoke of worlds I had never heard of and could not fathom. And grand halls, and dukes and great gatherings of angels across the skies and the crusades.  He told me about God, though he admitted he knew very little.  And at times he stopped to ponder over something he had said. Letting a word hand in the air as though there was a door just behind it leading somewhere else.

I just listened, letting the ice cubes in my glass of water slosh back and forth, and slowly melt into the water too.

After he left I shut the door.  There was Gabriel and Uriel last week, and now Lucifer, whose next?  I really should rethink the sign on the door.  “Angels Welcome.”


Do you have a favorite anti hero?  What is it about them that draws people in?  We watch them stumble around and do things we know are a mistake, but there is also a deeply relateable side to them that makes us want to root for them anyway, even when they are wrecking havoc on everything else that is going on.  And then we can’t take our eyes away because we know the train wreck is about to ensue, and we want all the answers… like how?  why?  and what happens next?  Which inevitably leads to even more complications down the line.

Well here are some anti heroes I have been exposed to and like.. I also go into some of the symbolism that I thought I saw when I watched the shows, but I may be mistaken on that one, I’m not really sure.  Like any work of art, there are many interpretations about things, and there are many different right answers.

Gregory House on House M.D, who saves lives but doesn’t think life means anything and does not mind in the least emotionally hurting others and needs to do this to keep his own pain at bay.

His pain on his leg, the hole their was symbolic of his pain, and not only that, but his inability to function like a normal person. He can not just walk, but needs a cane to supprt him otherwise he topples, and it is the same emotionally, he depends on others, while also needing to keep everyone completely back so no one and especially not him sees him in any emotionally fragile position.

Tom Neville from Revolution is not the main character but is a very interesting character, someone who starts out a good guy but turns into ‘what he has to be’ in order to survive. But what is truly heart breaking is what he throughout the series does to his son, as he sees it is best for their family.

Which to me is about how twisting the family he has, to his own different moral views, and under the weight of this, so this anti hero to me is all about family and bad parenting from the emotionally strained parent, and the effects of that on the child.

Walter White: is also one I like a lot. I also love the irony of his last name being white, white as in pure, as this was how he was when he started, and also white as in the typical color of methamphetamine. Also named after a real meth dealer. But I really strongly disliked his character at times, and many times was wondering the same question as the people in the show, why? And I guess he was in a prison before the show started emotionally and the show was him breaking out of it, but at the expense of everyone around him.

So then what happens is this, When I do what makes me happy, and feel alive and how a human should be, in the end I am being completely selfish and hurting everyone around me. Which is terrible.


If you want to, in the comments tell me about your favorite anti heroes.  Do you prefer anti heroes or heroes?

2 minute writing Cat prompts

2 minute writing sentences, the prompts come from the Write Practice.

1. The cat scratched at the door. He left deep marks into the door. His hiss was contorted as the wind howled through leaves behind him. I would not let the cat in here though.

2. There was no money to buy cat food. Fred was angry I guess you could say. But it was more of a displeased look set with the expression of not caring about anything that always seemed to be there.

I patted him on the head when he slowly made his way to the food dish that morning, sorry not today, I have to keep the checking account balanced you see. Yowl… he said lazily and then let out a big yawn and then slowly made his way back to bed.

3. The cat walked out the door when the wind blew the door open. Blue and orange mottled streaks went through its fur. Its eyes like dark orange marbles shined in the midnight light. A strange wind seemed to only grow.

5 minute dream

this is the five minute dream, there is a large spiraling spires in this church and huge stained glass arch windows. I could feel the gritty clean white sand feel beneath my finger tips, as I approached the marble slick steps, no expense excluded here. As I come in I am welcomed to the black and white checkered tile, that clicks under toe. My skirt drapes lightly over.
I guess I am in a game of chess now, before the monuments and sculptures of peopel from way before my time, maybe it is a game I cannot know, or one I am in but don’t know of.
I sit down at the bench and the smell of musky wood enters me, it reminds me of the cedar forests outside of the edges of town, where there is the folk who don’t go here for their mass. Yes there are groups roaming around on the outskirts, with the tallest of trees, and the wild bears, who have made a different set of rules then what is here. And who is to say? Maybe they have their own game too?