Hello all.  Once again I am choosing to write without a subject in mind.
So right now I am a little sleepy, not too sleepy, just like one quarter sleepy.  Like there is a giant loaf of soggy bread on my head dripping with my down my hair, which is hard to be wide awake with that.  I am wondering when it comes to invention and imagination, where the limits are.  I feel like there are limits and people as a whole maybe have met that limit of creativity and now we are just in the rehashing of things phase.  haha, no, I don’t know..

I know I will probably make another picture for this post. haha, that will be fun, for me.  anyways.  But seriously, I do dislike being tired when I actually feel like I have a lot I could be doing right now.  It feels like my time is being limited, and the threat is that there simply is not enough time.

But then again, what are the end goals anyway?  Everything is hopelessly irrelevant to me in a way, so that I do things, strive etc, but there is no ultimate purpose.  I am driven simply because I am driven.  It is not for the end goal, but it is in the moment.  There is no end goal, just a series of moments.  There is no final day of ultimate achievement, the day that came, some new thing would immediately come up.  It is only in the process of existing that things matter, end goals don’t.  And since that is the case, then the end result is irrelevant.  See?  That’s what I meant.  I didn’t mean to repeat myself.  I think for my picture I will make a picture of fried eggs.

eggs on a plate


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