I Say Hello

Hello all.  I am somewhat amazed about how little I post here.  And also how I started thinking I would write about things.  And how I seem to have devolved into just saying whatever is on my mind.  I don’t like the idea that I am writing in a public diary.  I don’t like that.  But it is what I am doing.  As a means to keep the pressure down perhaps.  I wanted when I first started communicating to the outside world to have a point and to be instructive.  But now more and more I find there is no point to having a point.

So I guess to the point I am writing right now because I feel a certain amount of stress at the moment.  I have been kind of stuck in some ways.  Not able to find a proper way to express certain things, and so in a sense I am pushed back to blogging.  It scares me to blog because at the same time I feel I have so little to really say.

So maybe I am just saying Hi at the moment.  Hi to everyone else out there.  Hi in this moment now.  From this computer.  Wires traveling down and pinging to a network and spreading the message to others.  Now if someone wants to access the info by clicking on the link they can.  Or they can click on some other link and access that message.

We are roots picking and choosing the messages we will receive this way.  Picking some, bypassing others.  The ones we usually pick or favor are usually something that have some natural emotional appeal to us.

And thus how communication occurs.  Picking and choosing a million times a day towards what feels right or best for each of us.

I am at the end I feel of this blog, but next I will choose a picture and am hunting for a picture to fit best, though I am not sure if I will be able to find a picture, as I am not even sure what picture would fit best.  One thing that comes to mind is a networking picture, but I don’t want that.  I may pick something attractive but not even really about anything.  Which would fit since I am not exactly sure what I am talking about.

cup of coffee wt

okay made my own pic, started worrying about copywright this or that…


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