Strive for…Normal

OKay EVERYONE BE NORMAL!  Don’t Be Unique, yourselves, or even think of what that may be like…  Just look at what everyone else is doing and in general telling you what you should be.  That is better.

Oh wait.. You don’t know what normal even is?!?!?  Why didn’t you say so.. ::Goes to the shelf and pulls off the biggest dictionary the world has ever seen and flips to the ten pages on the word normal.  Reads until the sun changes color and everyone ages at least a year…  And that is what normal is, and what we all must strive for.  I hope you all took notes, there WILL be a Quiz.  And it WILL be Hard.



2 thoughts on “Strive for…Normal

  1. I have stood out in the rain and getting wet is part of being unique. Sometimes I wish I could fade into normal and be overlooked and part of the crowd. But no, I opened my mouth and stood out for what I believed in and was stomped down. I am now quiet and normal.

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