Tiny nodules of texture rippled under her fingers, exciting the fine whorls in each finger tip. As her eyes darted back and forth and she felt the warmth of her screen, she felt a wave of muscle squeeze in her forearm, as her fingers punched down giving buttons. The air around her cool and exciting lifted the hair of her arms on end. Then with an inhale of breath, she let her heavy eye lids drape down and let herself smell the dusty odor of the room. Listened to the buzzing of electronic equipment all around her.
Home. It had been this place that she dwelled in, but never noticed before. Could not have. She had been numb to everything, closed off smells, sounds, the feels of things, the faint warmth coming through the curtain. She hadn’t known she could still feel a thing. So long had it been, she didn’t know it were even possible. A loud thump echoed in her chest.


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