Random thoughts by me

I am not a math nerd, but there are many fantastic numbers. Prime numbers are cool. And many numbers that just sound nice to the ear. 68 or a googol. And the funny thing about 68 is it is really a big number. Sure not as big as a 1000, but I rarely ever have 68 things in front of me and if I did I would probably have no idea how much that is. Also infinite numbers annoy me a little because I can never understand them.


I think loving yourself, it is something people do at varying levels. Everyone loves themselves to some extent, and some obviously more, but I don’t think it is a process that ends. Love yourself sounds like turn on a switch and you’re there. But that is too boring to be true all the way- for me anyways.


Religion.  I am really annoyed by people who sort of bully people to have a certain belief.  I see it in atheists and church type faiths alike.  I have a very general feeling of a faith, and that is that I don’t know what it is.  Life is amazing, and whatever belief will let me feel that way will be where I go towards.  


If you see a Monkeys Paw, Do NOT pick it up and start making wishes!!!!


Also still writing my book.  I have faith I will complete it.  I struggle with it though and lately I have been feeling more like I am wrestling a large and ultra hairy ape rather then writing a novel.  I want to do about anything but write sometimes.  If anyone is feeling the same way, maybe this will offer a little bit of encouragement that they are not alone.  I find Anne Lammott soooo very encouraging because she has written beautiful things but she exclaims often how utterly hard writing is and how she always struggles with it each and every time.  And so just because writing is super challenging and drains me doesn’t mean I am necessarily terrible.  




2 thoughts on “Random thoughts by me

  1. I read through some of your work. I liked it. I laughed, cried and did it while nibbling on cheese. Nice material. Good luck on your book. Remember nothing kills creativity like the non working of the fingers on the keyboard. If you do not write it will not happen. If you build it they will come, from Field of Dreams.

    • Thank you for reading my blog. I like your blog too. Yeah I am working much more steadily on my book then I have on my blog lately, but I have been thinking about posting soon. I liked your blog that was a like a little quiz on government basics. I did alright, but I think I still missed one somewhere.
      It’s a good point, we take the time to learn about our favorite shows but don’t nearly enough about our country.

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