Let It Burn

You may dance on the alter of these ashes. The decrepit bones of my empty words that once dribbled out of my lips like cankerous sores, covered with all the colors of gangrene. Pick it, pick it, and leaving only the hollow of the inside of a cheek behind.
You see my black eyes, wet with slime and a monster of vices. And my body crawling on itself in the corner to get smaller in front of you.
And your eyes, lit with the passion of the flame, and the soft chants of your tribe canting out, “Burn it, burn it.” As you holding the torch above my sunken body. Red shadows dancing on top of me. Swoop down your hand, pressing the hot orange to white rags tied together with cord. And the flames roll  around me like tires of a Mercedes Benz, my skin starts to darken and bubble like a crispy chicken.
But your eyes will grow big as a scared child as I cackle. “BEHOLD! I who am devoured in the final mouth of my final hour. But Nay, I am free.
And you remain, you are the ones that burn. ”
And when you come back, all that will remain is a pile of silky ashes and the heavy feeling  in your gut.


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