Examining these Feelings of Mine

So last night my husband was in a bad mood and gave me the cold shoulder (even though I wasn’t what he was annoyed at.)  I know he is still annoyed and I get the subtle reason it is at me.  Though I don’t know what to do about it.

I think when you get married you get used to the friendship and love you get everyday.  And this withdrawal is rubbing a character flaw of mine, exposing me to feeling awkward, out of place and alone.  

The odd thing is I usually love being alone most of the time.  But I am also used to the routine we have and his sudden non-acceptance does leave me feeling antsy.  I guess I should probably study that feeling so i can understand why.  



5 thoughts on “Examining these Feelings of Mine

  1. I think it’s very natural to want to know what happens when the subtle balance in our couples shifts. Especially if it translates in one SO being, if ever so slightly, mad at the other without him/her knowing why.

  2. I learned the hard way, that communication is 9 times out of 10 the reason all relationships fail. Even if he isn’t annoyed with you, you tend to absorb it, internalize it, make it about you. Just ask. If he isn’t one to open up, get as much info as you can, and do what you can to help relieve some of the tension. You two are partners. Through good and bad… better or worse. He’s your friend and you’re his. So, tonight, before he has a chance to give you the cold shoulder, ask him what’s wrong. Tell him you feel as though he’s upset with you. Maybe he’ll open up and tell you what’s really bothering him, and you can help him through his struggles, which will only strengthen your relationship. But accepting the cold shoulder and believing you may be the cause, and NOT communicating will put a huge dent in your relationship. Think back to all your dates. Think of the day he proposed to you. Think of the many reasons you fell in love with him. Then think of him as a human being with feelings, who you happen to love deeply. The help you offer won’t be “forced” but genuine. Just don’t keep thinking it’s about you or because of you. That’ll ruin you and your spirit. Keep your chin up, and think back. Remember how much you love him, and remember that you’re quite possibly his best friend and the only one who knows him well enough to sense there’s a problem even without any words spoken. And then talk. I wish you all the best… relationships are never easy.

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