A Spot of Blues Today

I noticed just a bit ago I am feeling a little down.  I don’t know why exactly maybe because I haven’t had a moment to write my story because of all the other things I have to do and I didn’t write much yesterday.  I haven’t felt down for a while so it is interesting.  I used to have a strong depression growing up, but I managed to face the things causing it.  Now I guess it is time to do that again.  Once in a while I will feel the blues sneak up on me, and when I was younger I used to run from it by doing something that made me feel better.

It feels so against my instincts to face the pain, but I know it is really the only true way to deal with it. So for whatever reason it is here, I am here with it and am feeling it.  



2 thoughts on “A Spot of Blues Today

  1. I’m still battling depression. I have taken myself off all my prescribed medicine except Xanax for anxiety (which causes depression… lose lose situation) BUT, I found out that when our vitamin D levels are low, we become depressed. If you’re out and about, stop at the local store and pick up some vitamin D. Then give yourself a break. Commit to taking a mental break from writing. I’m in the process of taking one right now. With all that’s going on in my life, I can’t add depression to the list because I failed to get any writing done. So, I’ll get everything done that I need to, take a few days off and start writing again on Monday. All the best…

    • Thank you for the kind words. I am okay now I think. I don’t have depression, I just got a little sad for a while today. I have some Vitamin D, but I haven’t taken it in a while. Maybe I’ll take one today now. I have also heard Vitamin D has a correlation with cancer prevention so that’s definitely worthwhile!
      I am still going to keep writing for now. I have just started writing my book 3 weeks ago, I think it is too early to stop.
      But I went to the park with the kids and I did enjoy just watching everything without thinking or reading or working on anything. It was very peaceful. There was a large yellow butterfly that coming around in circles. I saw the leaves shaking around with light on them. I think being outside and getting out sometimes and not having to do anything in particular but just be there is also good for depression and that cheered me up a bit today. So I did take a mini break.
      I am feeling fine overall though.

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