Some Personal Thoughts On Blogging

It is easy to go on and talk about nothing when you have nothing in particular to say.  I have done that a few times.  I want to get away from that though, because when one goes in with nothing to say they often find they haven’t said anything by the end.  I mean I guess the power of the subconscious may help out so that there will be a gem coming out.  I guess writing prompts are also very useful.  I like using writing prompts for my fiction writing to help me get along.  But there are also a lot of good prompts for people who just want to blog about other things.  Their life experiences, the things they’ve learned or even a commentary on the larger events that we are all in the midst of.

It is a dilemma when one goes through a bout of not knowing what to write about though between writing something that isn’t one’s best or not as useful to others.  But one can’t really decide not to write at all until inspiration hits either.

It seems like if someone doesn’t blog regularly they will disappear quickly from this blogosphere like it were never more then a mist that was never really there to begin with.  In a very real way one rarely is.  I don’t know about you, but it does not seem like an easy task to become truly established in such a transitioning world as the blog world.  I am frankly amazed that, considering how many people are out there blogging, that anyone has found my blog at all.  Though that is something that has always been a great pleasure to me, is that there are people who read blogs and even spend the time to make a comment.  That has made my day on many occasion.

But even so, it doesn’t change that if a person doesn’t blog then they will be forgotten about.  It is something that someone has to keep up with and put a lot of dedication in.

Though on the flip side of that, the nice thing to this is there really is an endless amount of interesting topics to write about and to share with others, so that if one tries I don’t think it would be that hard to come up with something meaningful on a regular basis.

It’s funny how everything always seems to boil down to fundamentals no matter where a person goes.  Whether going through college, trying to get ahead at a work place, or even blogging.  There are somethings which are better things to do and other things which are not the better things to do and everyone knows about this.  And usually if someone does what they know they should do, and not what they shouldn’t, there will be positive gained.



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