On How to Listen to Others Feedback

For me I have found that the balance of listening properly has been a difficult one that I have always been striving to find a balance on. When I was younger I was what you would refer to as overly sensitive, any criticism would embark me on a deep sense of ego crushed. I’d take in what people say probably too deeply and think that they must be always completely right and I always must be completely wrong. Then there is the phase which I had probably spent much less time in, where one decides to ignore whatever anyone else says. It to me boils down to the same feelings though. It is about saving grace, not allowing yourself to get hurt.

For me what I have learned it comes down to is being in emotionally the right place for whatever someone may say. Now I have not exactly gotten to there perfectly and i have not turned in a manuscript only to get rejected, (yet).

But it comes down to being calm and not taking things personally. Being able to look at your work and your ability as a process in flux. If someone sees their ability as something that is always changing then a criticism does not necessarily destroy them because they are not thinking, “Oh I am awful!” But rather this point and time, I may not be great, but I will learn to be better and everything new I learn helps me in that process.


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