This Gardener Examines their Thumb for Colors



I can kind of say that I garden.  I know I have planted this year.  Not only that but I had found a place to plant and bought bags of soil of food for my plants.  I know some people compost, and I do re-till the soil, but I think the poo helps in addition.

Also I have a container of liquid food, from something else, I guess it is better if I do not know.  And I have made up batches in my five gallon bucket and poured freely nice full servings for my plants, which I will tell you in honestly did help immensely.

Still looking over in other’s yards, I have a bit of gardener’s envy.  I see lush plants full of tidbits of fruits and vegetables bursting from every free space, and leaves that extend what I thought possible on all sorts of squashes and melons.  Then each day I come by for my inspections of my plants.  One thing about my garden from a distance looking at it, it really doesn’t look so bad.  The plants do have a bushy look to it that denotes life and thriving.


But after I come closer and peer over at each plant and pull back their leaves a little and tilt my head over and look over at what is happening, I often see undersized vegetables and too few.  Not to mention the few open spots that looks like the balding head of the men that try to hide it by combing a few thin hairs over it hoping no one will spot the skin.  I have spotted the dirt though, where nay a seed ever sprouted there.  Perhaps it was a bad batch of seeds, or too many hungry and opportunistic birds.  But like the comb over I have planted all sorts of radish seeds, for their short growing season and hoping.

But I don’t mean to complain.  I love that I have a garden and that each year I get to watch the seeds I plant bloom and grow from nothing to plants and then watch eagerly as the plants get bigger and bigger over time.  Or the first moments when my plants get little flowers on them and the hope comes from that as I spend the next few days wondering what sort of harvest I will have. It is a fun and exciting process.  But saying that, and looking and seeing what I have actually got on my hands this year, I also know I will not be entering plant contests anytime soon.

I’m hoping your gardening pursuits are turning out better then mine.





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