Getting in On All this WoRdLess Wednesdays!



Found this picture on the web somewhere.  I am sorry, but I don’t know who took this amazing photo, but I have kept it on my computer because it was interesting to me.  I would love to hear what you think of when you look at this.


10 thoughts on “Getting in On All this WoRdLess Wednesdays!

  1. I first thought Mermaid hair and then I realized that it looked like the terrain of an alien planet as taken from above the atmosphere. Even now, I think it looks more like the closeup of a human iris. Awesome picture, never boring.

  2. I see seaweed. At first, from a distance, it looked like it was caught flowing in the current. However, in close up, it looks more as though the high tide has left it behind. A fresh load on top of older layers.
    It feels very symbolic of life somehow.

    • Cool idea. I remember seeing them in great big tangled masses strewn on the shore when I lived closer to the ocean. I could see how seaweed would be connected to life.
      When I was younger my mother one day for dinner made a pot of clams for us for dinner and at the bottom of the pot was all this seaweed, at the time I didn’t know what it was. I asked if I could eat some and my mother said well people don’t usually eat it but I guess so. And I thought it was amazing!
      Anyways, that’s not the point I think. But I love seaweed. It is so interesting looking, and I am sure it plays a very important role in the ocean.
      Actually ocean plants in general are interesting because they are billowing back and forth in the water, and of course so is seaweed, and that has got to be really cool to see.
      Anyways, I liked your interpretation a lot, as I clearly love seaweed.

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