Doubts about being a Writer

Insecurity is something I am well acquainted with. But I know that negative thoughts or doubts are something that can be controlled by looking at both sides evenly.
The one thing I tell myself that makes me feel better about this though, is that I don’t have to work way out of my comfort every day. As long as I am pushing myself, even just a little, that the effort will add up.
Sometimes I think that because writing is hard for me that this means I am not really a writer. That people who are writers and write books have an easy time, and that the words flow out of their minds and on pages as naturally as walking. But that goes both ways. Sometimes when I need to feel better about how I haven’t done as much as I want I remind myself that it is difficult for everyone and not just me.
Sometimes I wonder, am I good enough to be a writer? I can’t really answer that question. I just push forward and remind myself that I make my own reality.



6 thoughts on “Doubts about being a Writer

  1. G’day The Laughable Cheese,
    I dropped in to thank you for the follow, but have spent the last hour floating through your pages, you do write a good story 🙂

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