2am, tired, and ranting; Do you really want to read?


        I have decided to break my writer’s block I need to write a free write. I know it will be bad. Free writes are usually bad. Also it’s 2 am and I am drunk with sleepiness. How good could someone write at 2am? That is a time for sleeping and nothing else. I feel like I could go to my bedroom and fall onto my bed and just be out in no time. But as tired as I am, I am rebelling against sleep simply because the more tired I am the more trouble the simple things become. So I don’t want to get out of my chair and walk to the bed. It would simply be easier to stay up later. I have a similar problem when I am overly hungry. I get too hungry to go out and look for food and I just stay put. I feel if I was in the wild, my chances of survival compared to other mammals would be way down there. So instead I go on the internet and I waste time. And of course I have the best of intentions to make my time valueable. But tomorrow morning will come and I won’t even remember the inane things I searched for on the internet in these nether hours. 

          I have actually had intentions of writing all day. I have spent a lot of time reading and stayed extra close to my notepad just in case that moment arose where I would be ready to write. I may never leave the house again. I will have to start ordering my groceries over Amazon and have the UPS man carry my boxes to the door.
           Every paragraph I write is a new introduction to sadness because I start to realize more and more that I am writing about nothing. I hate when I do that. I know it is supposed to loosen up the mind to free write, but I feel like there is a lot of garbage that get’s loosened up with it. Anyway after days of not being able to write my scenes I have been so expectant on writing I finally decided it is because my mind simply must have a freewrite before it will do anything else. So here I am.
          And of course I will subject my readers to the terrible dripping pile of slush that I happen to come up with. I know, what a great website host I am. Always to so carefully work on and submit the very best for my readers. Never hosing down their boxes with the useless scraps that I can’t a purpose for at the end of the day.
Another thing I dislike in freewriting, instead of writing one coherent post about one thing, I will probably wind up writing twenty different irrelevant things and squeeze them into the same page. But that’s okay because I separate my ideas with paragraphs. Paragraphs: the separator of anything.




6 thoughts on “2am, tired, and ranting; Do you really want to read?

    • I think you are right, there are all kinds of different perspectives as a person sees things in different ways and changes over time. I will never again be who I was last year or something.

      When I was growing up I could never keep a journal because I was too critical of my writing and would throw away anything I tried to write. Fortunately I may be better now… though I still don’t keep a journal so i don’t know? What about you- do you keep a journal?

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