Fun with Camping.


Two girls shared a cabin, well three counting Amy who was supposed to be in the next cabin over. One of the girls, named Michelle, had perfect straight brown hair that shimmered with vitality, and she wore a thin layer of mascara, making her eyes look bold. Being the morning and she had just woken up, she wore an over large sweatshirt with a sports team name on it in black print and pink pajama bottoms.              Meanwhile she sat criss-cross as she giggled with her friend Amy while flipping through the pages of a young teen magazine. She had a natural smile and she seemed to lack nothing in self confidence.
Another girl in the cabin, Lisa, was shy and kept to herself. She didn’t look at the other girls or talk to them. She kept her head down in the cabin and minded her own business. And when Michelle reached out to Lisa with a hi, Lisa recoiled like she was about to be bit by a venomous snake.
Michelle saw the weakness in poor Lisa’s eyes and thought that camp suddenly wouldn’t be the boring place she expected. She had begged her parents not to sign her up for camp for the third year in a row. It had been more of a vacation for her parents, getting the kids out of the house, rather then something Michelle particularly liked.
Lisa dressed in the morning, pulling her socks up to her calves and zipping her flat blue skirt that reached the knee.
Michelle was watching her from the top bunk and giggling like a hyena.
Lisa started to power walk toward the cabin door. “Why are you going away? You don’t want to show me your stunning attire?” said Michelle.
Lisa opened the door and ran into the woods. She’d turn and look behind her every 20 feet to make sure she wasn’t being followed. Then when she was out of breath she stopped behind a tree. But Michelle did follow her. She had been stealthily hiding behind trees and staying far enough back so she wouldn’t be heard.
Lisa was carving letters into the dirt and then scraping her hand over it and starting again. Then she looked up and saw something flying toward her. She screamed. Michelle tackled her and pinned her to the ground. Lisa lay there her eyebrows curved up, her eyes popped open wide, and her lower lip hanging open, heaving through her nose and her chest visibly rising and falling.
“Why did you run away? You don’t want to talk to me? I just want to be your friend.”
Lisa shook her head back and forth without saying anything.  “Well you know that is just not nice. Because you know when another girl wants to be friends with you, ignoring them is just as bad as bullying.   Did you know that?” Lisa shook her head no slightly. “Well I don’t take kindly to bullies. I think the world would be better without them. Don’t you?  So I am making it my personal mission to stamp out bullies. And you’re gonna help right?” Lisa nodded her head yes.
“Good. I think we are gonna be good friends. Come with me, friend.” She hung out her hand and Lisa looking scared slowly put her hand in the girls and Michelle lifted her up.
Later Michelle taught Lisa the fine art of make up as she gave her a make over that made her look somewhere between a clown and a whore and they walked into the commons together hand in hand to say hi to the other kids and ‘make friends.’


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