Detective Tony Finds Himself a New Job.

The man lay passed out on the floor. Two men in khaki suits and ties stood over the body.
“This is really not what I do.”
“I know I know, you do petty robbery. How can I forget? But wouldn’t you like to do a real homicide? Just think what that would do to your career as a detective?”
“I just don’t know if I’m ready.”
“That’s okay. If you do decide you’re ready you know where to find me. Otherwise I will find someone who can handle this.” Mark begins to stride to the door and open it.
“Wait.” Mark turns. “Okay fine, yes I will do it.” says Anthony.
“That’s great news. I’m glad to hear it, you will enjoy the boost to your career. I will contact my men so they can assist you.”
“But I thought that this was my case?”
“Oh and it is.” Mark squints his eyes with sincerity and gives him a hearty pat on his shoulder. “But you are new, you are just going to be getting a little extra assistance. That’s all. It will still be yours.”
“Okay, sure. I’ll do it. Where do I find them?”
“Fred will call you tonight and take you to dinner. I will be seeing you later. I’m sure you’ll do great.”
“Yeah okay. Bye then.” Mark walks out and the door clicks shut behind him. Anthony looks at the closed door, watching Mark walk out through the window and scratches the back of his head as he watches Mark leave the building.

Anthony grabs his fingerprint case out and starts brushing the area. After that was done he went through the pockets and found the man’s wallet. When he searched the name, found it was a cyber hacker who was due to derve for cyber terrorism for ten years but had not been found up to this point.

He looked up at the clock and realized he was getting hungry. He went to his bag and grabbed his sandwich, but put it back into the baggie, remembering the call he was supposed to be getting. He searched more records on the net, and his phone rang.

“Hello Anthony is that you?”
“Yes. Are you Fred?”
“Yes I am. Want Italian?”
“Sure. That’s fine.”
“Okay I got a place in mind, we’ll meet you at Valentino’s on Fourth and Mission in 20.”
“Okay. Bye.” He packed his things and walked to his tan Honda, and pulled out.

When he got there a large man with a shaved head was seated wearing a navy blue suit waved at him from his booth. He walked up to him.
“Sit down.” He came over and sat across him. Fred’s fat fingers drummed the table as he looked at Anthony. The sound on the table was loud and startled Anthony. He met the gaze sheepishly.
A waitress came up handing out menus. Fred looked at her and handed back the menus, “We’ll both take the special.”
“Oh okay. I’ll be back with your order in a bit. Anything to drink?”
“Scotch for me. What are you having?”
“Just water is fine.” She smiled and walked off. Fred takes a deep breath, his nostrils flaring.
“So what have you found?”
“Well his name is Ziek. He is a Russian hacker who infiltrated government records and was supposed to do time behind bars.”
“Sounds like you did some good work today. Do you who killed him?”
“No not yet. But tomorrow I think I might find something. I’m just getting started.”
“Okay. That’s good. Please keep me informed of anything you find. Understand?” His face came close to Anthony’s so that Fred’s shadow hung over him. The waitress came back with two Alfredos.
“Is that all?” Fred smiles and shakes his head. She snaps her body away and jet walks back to the kitchen. Her hips moving back and forth as she does. Anthony watches, her black pants clinging to her, showing her exact curves. He looks back at Fred who is staring at him impatiently.
“Well?” said Fred.
“Yes I understand.”
“Good. I will be coming by regularly to see how things are going.” After that they ate in silence. Fred tossed some bills on the table and walked out, pulling a cigarette from out of his pocket and sticking it in his lips. He pushed the door open and the door swung out to its hinge and crashed behind him as he walked out the building, lighting the cigarette with a lighter. The bells on the door rattling around.


4 thoughts on “Detective Tony Finds Himself a New Job.

  1. I always enjoy the mystery to your pieces. I’m so curious about Fred, and about the operation he’s running – a hard task master 🙂 This was a unique take on the prompt and I’m glad it inspired you to create these distinct characters. Thanks for contributing.

    • As you know I am having a lot of entertainment doing your prompts. It gives me something to work on when I have nothing specific in mind. So thank you for providing the prompt. 🙂
      The picture idea is different. At first I thought it would be hard, but it is so open and free for a lot of space for personal interpretation.

      • You’re welcome, and I’m thrilled you like the pictures. I enjoy to use them for inspiration, especially if I’m having a mental block – it can be freeing to tell a story based on nothing but a snapshot 🙂

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