Mystery Monday prompt ~ A Full Moon


Wrote this based off this writer’s prompt with the picture here.

She looks out the window. The light calls to her. Her fingers reach out, touching the cold glass, tendrils of ice reach out around her fingers. The light is so bright. “Come here.” It says whispering. She stares at it.
“I would come, but I can’t,” she says to herself.
“Lily, lily, what are you doing?” She turns.
“Hi Rachel, what’s up?”
“What are you doing anyway?”
“There was a light out there.”
“What? I didn’t see any light.”
“Come on, I’ll help you with your homework. Okay?”
“Yeah I guess, but I am curious about the light you saw, can you tell me about it?” Lily looks at her scared. “Come on please? I won’t tell anyone.”
“It feels so cold, like silver and it’s lonely too.” She pauses gauging Rachel’s reaction, but who just stares at her wide eyed.  “Do you think I’m crazy?”
“Well I don’t know, I have never seen it. But I’m only eight, so it could be real. Well you better look at my math. It’s really bad.”
They stay together and work on homework. True to Rachel’s word she was doing horribly in math and it was a grueling hour of problem solving. But an hour later Rachel’s eyes were shut, she lay on her bed and her face peaceful, without a single line of worry on it, her mouth hanging open. Lily put her hand through her sister’s hair, the little girl breathed in deep as she did. She bent down and gave her a gentle kiss on Rachel’s forehead before leaving. She clicked off the light and closed the door and walked out. But as Lily came out and stared at the living room the whole room was drowned in a big white light. From out the window was a large moon, that took up almost the entire window.
“It’s time,” the voice said. “Come with me.”
“I c-can’t.” A cool air ran through the room and she let out a shiver and rubbed her arms with her hands.
A ray of white light beamed into the room and a boy completely white stood in front of her. “Please come with me. I want you to see the land where I live. I want you to live with me. It is so lonely there all by myself. But it is a great place, you will like it.”
“I need to be here, my family needs me here.”
“No they can live without you. It is I who is suffering. Don’t you love me?”
“I do. You know I do.”
“Then come with me.”
The coldness crept around her and her arms were turning a light blue. It was delving deeper inside and there were little cracks on her skin from the dryness. “I can’t.”
“Why do you say these things? I will not let you get your way. I will destroy you if you resist me. Please don’t make me destroy you? I love you.”
“I want to go. But if I do I know I won’t come back. And I know you lie to me, you don’t have a great land because if you did you wouldn’t need me there with you.”
“You’d make it better. Stop resisting me, I am getting very angry you know. I cannot protect you for much longer.”
“I will not leave.” At that the light collected into a large ray of white that pierced her heart and her heart shattered like glass. Little shards spilled all over the floor. Her face twisted with shock as she slowly started to fall, but for a long long instant she just hung there, in mid air, watching in front of her, the heart shards all across the air inching toward the floor.  A few pieces landing and ricocheting off back in the air, buzzing around her. And then everything stopped.  She took one last desperate breath and her eyes stayed open staring like a cod.  In the morning her parents cried over her limp colorless body. “She had such a fragile heart,” father said. “It just couldn’t take it anymore.”
“The medication bought us a little time at least.” Mother said while her hand caressed his back, offering him a bit of warmth.
“Lily said she saw a light last night.” said Rachel?
“A light?” She turned to look at Rachel with a perplexed look on her face, “What does that mean?” said mother.”Look her lips are so blue,” said her father.

A voice distant and faint like the sound of silver tinkling bells, “You could have stayed with me, in my ice castle forever but no, you had to push me.”


6 thoughts on “Mystery Monday prompt ~ A Full Moon

  1. My goodness. That ending had good-bumps springing up all the way down my arms. I love the idea of her heart breaking into tiny shards, and the description of how fragile it was; very symbolic. This was a great mystery and one I’d like to know more about. Thanks so much for the contribution.

  2. Great story. Glad I came across your blog. I love mystery stories and I know the feeling you get when you write at night this kind of story ( but that’s my favorite time to write and I have inspiration)

    • Yeah I have the most time to write often at night. It is a really inspiring time with much fewer distractions I find. It is nice to see a fellow night owl out there maybe. I am glad you liked the story.

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