30 minutes part 2

30 minutes part 2
~a month ago~


Sam and Matt face the cube staring at it as the blue glow shines on
their faces.
“What is it?”
“I don’t know, I was just messing with the computer in here and that
“I knew you should have left that thing alone. This looks
“Dangerous? I don’t know when I was using the computer I just felt
like I was part of something important.” Matts eyes gleamed as he
stares off in the distance. “We can’t stop now, we have to figure
out what is happening.” Sam gives a pleading look that says please
leave this be. But Matt looked past him with a determination that
can’t be stopped.
“I don’t like this.”
“I know and I’m sorry. But once we figure out what it is then and
only then will we know what to do with it.” Sam didn’t look
convinced. “Just give me a couple weeks. What if it can help the
people?” Sam was half tempted to agree with that.
“You can’t save them. Sometimes bad shit happens and there is
nothing no one can do about it. Just holding onto this is blind
hope and may end up just making everything worse then it already
“But if there is a chance shouldn’t we do everything in our power to
at least try? All I’m asking is two weeks, what could happen in two
weeks?” Sam shot back an angry look that said ‘a lot.’ “If I don’t
figure it out by then, we leave things as is and never walk back
into that building again. Can you give me that at least?”
“This is a really stupid bad idea.”
“You don’t know that. And I am not backing down, if you don’t help
me I’ll work on my own. Either way. You’d be better off agreeing
so you can watch over things.” Sam wanted to leave and say this
isn’t any of my business, but Matt had been there for him in the
past and he knew the one thing he couldn’t do was leave him here to
what is surely a huge disaster waiting to happen.
“Okay, I’ll help you. But you have to promise me one thing.”
“Whatever you want.”
“That you won’t let things go too far and if I say it is getting out
of hand, you have to listen to me.” Matt didn’t like to make this
promise. Sam’s definition of too far may be very different from
Matts but he had no choice.
“Yes of course. I promise.”


“Sam! Come here.”
“What is going on.”
“I’m not sure but I think the machine is interfacing with me.”
“What do you mean?”
“As I move my mouse on this labyrinth in the computer I feel
something happening in my head.” Sam has a look of horror on his
“So why aren’t you shutting it off?”
“Well it’s kind of interesting. It doesn’t seem bad.”
“Shut it off.”
“But-” Sam reaches over and turns the computer off.
“That is an example of something creepy. It was in your head for
goodness sake?”
“It didn’t hurt.”
“Well what did it need to be doing there? We need to do a sweep of
this place and see if we can find any information on this computer.
Do not turn on that computer again until we do that.”
“Okay, but then I get an extra day.” Sam sighs and puts his face in
his palm.
They walk through the building and break into locked doors. Most of
the rooms seem like bunkers for soldiers to hold in.


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