Meet Jonas.

I just did a free write and I am excited to meet a new character.  Like in an A.A meeting, my voice is the droning counselor.  “And everyone please give a warm welcome to our newest member, Stan.  Everyone drones back, Hi Stan.”  I am not sure if Jonas is a girl’s name.  If it’s not I will have to come up with something else.

I welcome any comments on whether you like the new character, I know the writing is kind of rough.

I do have a question to encourage anyone’s mind going: Anyone else working on a new character recently.  If so tell me a little bit about the character, or write a few paragraph story on it, or send a link to a story in the comments.

Also p.s I really have been trying to finish my other stories but apparently my mind was wanting only to write a new story today (and also some failed attempts the few times I did write this weekend.)  For some reason it is taking a special effort to finish stories.  But do not worry, I will finish them.



She uncurled her toes and pushed away her heavy blankets. As her feet stepped on the hard floor, she wiggled her toes, examining them.  She thought they seemed longer than normal toes. She wore a pink shirt with a yellow rubber ducky with a large smile, open beak, and sunglasses on,  and light blue pajama pants with something baby pink on it unrelated to any rubber ducks. As she plodded towards the doorway her steps echoed in the room.  She glanced back at the window. Outside her room, two pigeons a few feet from her, sat perched on a telephone wire. One flew off, and the wire bounced back and forth, meanwhile the second bird stayed, being jumbled about by the springy wire unphased.
She headed down the stairs, her hand sliding down the smooth rail. One girl to an entire house wasn’t bad. She went into the kitchen and grabbed a bowl and a box, this cereal was candy- just packaged differently and she poured milk over it, dunked her spoon and it made a crash in the milk.  Then she scooped heartily until the bowl had a few drops of milk left in it.  She carried the bowl and placed it in the sink, turning on the water and rinsing it before going upstairs.

It was Monday and she was almost late. She ran to the hamper and pulled out clothes and peeled off her pajamas. She noticed a mole on her stomach that she had never seen before.  Just left and above her navel.  It was a sexy mole she decided because of the location. Then pulled the shirt over her head and zipped her pants up. She wore a polo t shirt that was the store’s uniform. Dark green with their logo small on the top right.  In a sense to her it gave the impression of the color of a lush forest. Peaceful and inviting, which was probably an intentional aid for that affect, because her work was anything but that.

She knew she was running late but she refused to look at the clock as she sat on the toilet and started to read a small mystery book of no more then 100 pages. Not enough for details, and the characters had the dimensionality of cardboard, but she enjoyed it just the same. She flushed, washed hands, then brushed her hair briskly.  Her hair poofed out and she grabbed a ponytail and wrapped the hair in it, wrangling it into some kind of order. As she walked out her front door, dangling her keys in her pocket, her neighbor waved at her, she looked up surprised but slowly put her hand in the air.  But as she did, he was already turning around and walking back his house. She shrugged, then drove to work.

When she got to work her boss was giving a lecture, the other coworkers standing around him in the main area of the store. His eyes darted to her and rested on her face and frowned as she opened the glass doors and stepped inside. Then he turned back to the other workers returning to his speech, emphasizing the importance of customer service and especially of sales. Her friend Jake smiled at her from across the room sympathetically and she returned a warm smile. After the meeting had ended the coworkers faded away to their work stations, taking away the salient messages their boss had just delivered. Jake walked up to her.
“Hi Jonas.” He said, his teeth showing.
“Hi.” She lifted her hand in a meek way to greet him.
“Ready for another amazing day of sales? And remember to meet the quota.” He said mimicking the bosses husky voice.
“Oh yeah…definitely.” She said, rolling her eyes.


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