Buying Local Facts #1: Support Your Local Economy

Harrisonburg Farmers Market

You probably hear a lot these days about buying local. And as a Farmers Market supporter, you are doing it! But what makes buying local so good, so important in our modern society…?

Well, we’d like to help you discover more about the many benefits of buying local, and help you feel even better about doing it. We’ll be sharing some facts, stats and other surprising perks of choosing to go local when you shop.

Buying local Fact#1: When you buy local, you benefit your community’s economy and general vitality.

A recent retail diversity study of San Francisco and three nearby cities found that purchasing from locally owned stores created about 70% more local jobs, and 67% more overall local income, per dollar spent. With as little as 10% of purchases being made at local businesses, consumers would add nearly 1,300 new jobs and $200 million to the local economy.

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