“Don’t close your eyes.”

“Don’t close your eyes Marcie.”
“I will if I wanna. You aren’t the boss of me,” said Marcie crossing her
arms, baby curls bouncing on both sides of her head in pigtails. She
wore a white shirt with grape juice spilled down the front and wore a
pair blue jeans.
“There ain’t nothing to be afraid of. Will ya stop being a baby?” said
Robert as he poked a stick at the ground.
“Awe I told you we should have left her.” said John. John pointed to
Marcie who still kept her eyes sealed.
“No way, my mom would’ve railed me if I left her in the house
John leaned over to Robert and whispered, “Maybe we should leave her
here and come back for her when we’re done-”
“No way, you aren’t leaving me here! Can’t we just go home? Please?”
said Marcie.
“Quit your naggin. We’ll be outta here in a jiff. But not until we check
things out.” John snapped. She said nothing.
“Just come on, I won’t let anything get you. I promise.” said Robert.
“Oh well…” She opened her eyes and eyed her brother with suspicion.
“Okay.” Then she leaped over and grabbed his arm tighter then a cobra.
“Finally.” said John letting a sigh of exasperation. They walked up the
stairs, it creaked under their feet. “What was that?” Marcie squealed.
“Nothing Mars, just some rickety board is all, like our deck had before
dad redid it.” said Robert.
There was a rocking chair on the porch that looked weathered, like
whatever was holding it together would cease and it would fall apart
They went inside. Dust settled over everything. Under layers of
dust from years passed was a pink love couch. There was a tv in the
corner, and a brown coffee stand next to the couch with a radio on it.
On the table was a pile of unopened mail.
“Whoa, what a freaky place.” said John.
“What’s the story anyway.” said Marcie.
“Now you want to know?” said Robert.
“Yes now I want to know,” she rolled her eyes.
“I heard there was a man and a woman, happily married and planning to
start a family. But then out of the blue the man started to become
distant, not come home every night. And in church people saw him snap
for no reason and just go bonkers on her.”
“What did she do?”
“Nothing, just went on and acted like everything was fine. And then out
of the blue one day they were both gone.”
“Wooah.” said Marcie in fascination. They walked through the other
rooms, all caked in dust. It looked like a cozy house at one point just
left to neglect. “Okay we saw it all. Can we go home now?
I’m starting to get hungry.” said Marcie. She marched ahead through the dining room with hard wood flooring. The floor boards groaned beneath her. She looked up at the two boys in panic. The boys looked as scared as her. Then the wood made a splintering sound and snapped. She tumbled down. The boys stood over the hole looking into the blackness. Robert squinted to see any sign of her. “Hey Mars ya down there?” he called.
“Let’s get out of here.” said John, “And get help.”
“You go, I’ll see what I can do here… I feel like Mom and dad are not
going to be pleased.” said Robert.


9 thoughts on ““Don’t close your eyes.”

  1. Oh my goodness, what a twist – poor Marcie! I really enjoyed this piece; the atmosphere you built was fraught with tension and the dialogue is terrific. I could picture the scene with these kids easily. It felt like I was there with them 🙂 I love what you did with the prompt. Thanks for participating.

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