Just Breathe

The world had seized and her vision tightened. Her head squeezed and vibrated with a bloated breath that wouldn’t come out. And as she pushed harder her cheeks became coral red. Mere drops of air escaped her ballooned lungs. She inhaled harshly, but only a sliver of air could come through. With each strained breath, her voice had a high pitch wheezing sound, like a pregnant mare on pushing day. She put her hands on her knees. The world seemed to be tipping back. She saw the silhouettes of legs running towards her. A hand placed on her back.

“Are you alright?” It cried, the panic in the voice scared her even more and fat tears rolled down her puffy face. Sweat poked from her forehead. She tried to move, wave her hands, speak, but couldn’t move and then she blacked out. Her legs buckled and she started to fall, but he caught her. The man grabbed her behind the knees and the arch of her back and lay her on the floor. He opened her mouth and looked for obstacles but found none. He tilted her head back, pinched her nose and breathed in deep successful breaths and placed his large mouth over her letting the air roll into hers. He kept doing this for over a minute. But she lay still and devoid. And people who had started to line up around them looked uneasy.

Then she gasped in a long fresh tunnel of air, and began coughing. The man who had just about given up sighed with relief. She looked up and saw the man above her, his eyes filled with concern and his face feet from hers. She smiled and a tear streamed down. Thank you she tried to say, but all she could get out was a choked whisper. 
“Just stay there for a bit and rest k. I think you’ll be okay.” he said.


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