What did you with my shirt honey?


“Shirl What did you with my shirt honey?”
“It’s in the dresser, second shelf.”
“I looked there already.”
“Alright I’m coming.” She jogs up the stairs, and shuffles through the drawer, “See right there.”
“Thanks, I could’ve sworn I looked all through there.”
“You know I was wondering, maybe when you come back you could watch the kids for a little bit while I go out.”
“You go out, where would you go?”
“Maybe Jeans, I don’t know.”
“You could take the kids with you.”
“Yeah but if we decide to go somewhere then a lot of times we can’t.”
“Like where?”
“Uh maybe for Tacos, or we might go for a drink at the bar or watch a movie.”
“The bar?”
“Yes silly, I can go there without you, ya know.”
“But what if some younger man comes and tries to snatch you up.”
“That’s not going to happen.”
“Well okay. But you know the kids like you more then they like me.”
“They love you. You see their excitement when you come home from work.”
“Are you sure they’re not just like that all the time?”
“Please dear?”
“Thank you.” She grips his arm and gives it a tight squeeze and smiles. Her eyes wrinkling at the corners. “I’ll make it up to you later.”
“You better.” He says with a mock serious voice, shaking his finger at her. Then he bends down and kisses her and wrapping his arms around her slim shoulders.
He ties his tie, grabs his laptop case and heads out the door.
But he came home three hours late that night.
“I’m sorry honey, but the meeting went late.”
“I understand. Next time then?”
“Next time, I promise.”


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