30 minutes pt 1

Matt stood with the container in his hand. He had 30 minutes. 30 minutes left. He put it in his tan pack and slung it easy over his shoulder.

He grabbed the handle of his kitchen door and swung it open, pulled the latch of the outer door and ran. He pumped his legs not looking back. He ran through the plains. He could see the weeds sweeping as he passed. The old neon lights of the market were guiding him to keep going.

He went into the market place and whipped his gun out. The people in the market held their trembling hands in the air. “Every damn no good towner is gonna die today unless someone tells me where Sam went.” The people gaped petrified. “Well? And no one better try to make up a lie, cause I will be back.”

The owner was an aging Asian man who stood behind the counter next to his passed down cash register. He had a thick blue and white vertical striped shirt with a white apron with dark stains on the front. He said, “No one here want to hurt you. Why not put gun away and be sensible?” He pronouced sensible with vigor.

“I am not playing around.” Matt waved the gun resting at the chest of each person. The customers hiccuped back as the gun faced them.

“He go to the Warehouse on Front and 3rd. Now we have told you, please go away from us.”

“Come with me.” He snatched a 10 year old looking girl from her mother.

“Please.” The mother called out. Tears streamed down her eyes and her voice was tearful. “Please don’t do this.” She whimpered. Her arms reached out for her daughters.

“She’s coming with me. So are you very sure that the place this man gave me is the right place? Otherwise the girls as good as dead.”

“Goddammit,” said a man from the crowd. “No no, this is not right.” He stepped up to the front. I’m going to go with you.”

“No that’s not what I said.” said Matt. The man pulled out his gun and faced it to him.

“No this is how its going down. I will show you and if it’s not the place you can shoot me. But not this little girl. Either this or I shoot you now. I will take you there, I promise.” Matt pointed the gun at the man.

“Fine. But if this is wrong and you haven’t managed to kill me I will be back here. Let’s go.” He held the door open for the man, still pointing the gun at him, and the man went with him.


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