Found part 2

Aww a perfect romance. Someone who believes everything will work out.

Well okay. I guess I can try. Okay okay, come here, listen.
See that man over there. Yes him. Man is he something. She saw him a year ago, she was a hostess then. Ran about the room serving waters at a little Chinese place. Not the real Chinese food, but still delicious.
But she didn’t eat MSG then. Which was terribly sad on reflection. Okay. Okay. Getting distracted. But yes, he came in. He was in a group like he was hiding out in them. But he smiled and his blue eyes were so blue. That for the time they shared that look that was all of everything in her world. The whole world were the blue eyes, and there were endless oceans around them. Engulfing, encompassing.

And she was busy, the place was so busy. She couldn’t stop moving for a minute. She wanted to just stand there. Forever. And yeah she knew how stupid she would look but she didn’t care damnit! Because she loved him. She knew she did and that was perfect. BEing in love is perfect and people should just let love work out. Don’t make Romeo and Juliet have to die for it. Can’t you see how cruel that is??

And soon like a light, he flicked out, and was gone. His group ate and joked for a bit then paid and then with them he drifted out to the place that they had come from. And she wondered if he was gone forever. She obsessed a little wondering, but was also relieved. Because she could not handle that weight of knowing him, she knew that. But she had been affected still. The hull of the boat in her mind knew that that man was out there now. And she was going to see him again.

And next year… When she changed jobs handed in her form, came to the interview. The interview she would decline, the dull place, she was above cashiering now. She would do something worthwhile. It was starting with secretary. But that would be the beginning. And cashier is a big zero, get you no where occupation. She swam that raft way too long.

But then like no one’s business he was there. He handed the boss lady a paper, whispered in her ear. Didn’t even see me! she thought. And turned around and was gone.

He looked at her and smiled before. It was flirtatious and daring. And not just because everyone in general is nice. No that first smile was more then that.

Then she ended the interview. She would come in for training next week if she agreed to. That night she had gotten a call back from a company that wanted her as their secretary. And not just any place, but a personal business. How cool, over time she could get to learn the ins and outs of owning a business. But if she didn’t take the cashier job then she may not see him again. If she took the job she’d see him too much. Plus it was a nowhere job, and she had a chance at soemthing better now.

She took the job for cashier. Though she soon learned that man became her manager and all kinds of wrong started to go off in her head. That she was doomed.

“You Idiot!” She said to herself after she started to drive herself home. “This is not going to work. And yet what choice did I have really?” she thought. But still after she looked back on it years later, she would wish she hadn’t taken it. Somethings you should never have to experience no matter the lessons you learn from it.


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