assign 12 A dialogue between two men

I got behind and am doing yesterday’s today.  

The day was warm. But the sky was a mix of white and blue and the sun peaking from the cloud shot right into Dex’s face, causing his right temple to ache.
So where do you want you eat? says Dex.
Me? Well why don’t you choose? says Marty.
Nah, it’s your turn.
Okay…The Hungry Sombrero?
Are you serious?
Yeah. I thought so.
You know I’m watching my carbs.
You choose then.
The Pickly Shop has a great sandwich.
“Alright then I’m ready.” Dex’s right eyebrow goes up. He looks Marty up and down.
“Like that?”
“What is it?” Dex points at Marty’s shirt.
“That shirt has a big stain on it.”
“I don’t see anything.”
“There. Right there.”
“Oh. Okay fine I will go change. Anything else Dex? Want me to get you some flowers while I’m up there?”
“No just change and we’ll go.”


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