Cinderella a different version

Once upon a time there was Cinderella and two evil step sisters and an evil mother. Cinderella had to do all the chores and clean up after the mother and the step sisters as they laughed at her for being so dirty and for wearing tattered clothing. But then Cinderella finds she has a fairy Godmother who grants her passage to the ball in a glittering gown via a beautiful coach to meet the Prince who will embrace and then she will run away leaving behind the frail glassy shoe, which he will find by taking it house to house trying it on till she is found.

Let me tell you how I heard the story. Ever heard the phrase that it is the victor who writes the story?

It was once in an old town. There was a girl who had lost her father to Typheria. But before that, when he was still alive, her mother had died. But after just a year father had started dating someone. And father would have married her but Cinderella would not have it. She had had one mother, she told her father. And that he could not marry this other woman.
Look Cinderella is lovely and I see how you want to protect her but she is just six, you don’t have to listen to her. said the “Evil Stepmother.”
I am sorry, but she is just not ready yet. he said.
Okay I understand. She is your family before me. I will wait.

But when he died the lady you may know as the step mother received her. But she had a name, Elora. She had black hair that had silver hairs starting to run through it and she kept it in a bun as her mother had taught her.

Whenever she saw Cinderella though, she’d felt rage, because this girl kept her from the man she had loved. And now he was gone forever. Her heart grew hard. And so she wanted to dash the beauty out of Cinderella. The girl must be wicked she thought, I will make her work her fingers dry and she will be as ugly outside as she is on the inside. Elora did indeed become cruel, working Cinderella hard and never letting Cinderella be a child again.

When she had lay her two daughters to bed each night Elora would caress their hair. If only you could have seen more of the man that was to be your father. He was kind and sweet. He would have loved both of you. One day Elora told the truth about how it was Cinderella who had convinced her father to wait.

The girls were sad to think that now they would never have a father. And that Cinderella had had a father but was stingy that she was unwilling to share him.

But still Cinderella did all the chores and she put up with the laughter at her back. In fact she learned to be a good hard worker, and she became sweet and nice from the humility of her work. While her stepmother and sisters became only more cruel over time. They saw she was not miserable, and that she was very beautiful and it fueled the burning inside.

But when she turned of age to go to the ball and the older sisters were getting ready Cinderella began to long to go. She started to dream of it every night, dancing turn for turn with the handsome prince. And her heart cried in her chest just like the day when her father decided to forget about her mother and see some other woman.

She could not take it. Her whole world felt so unfair to her now. Hadn’t she toiled enough? And she lost tears to the floor, a fairy appeared.


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