The Air

I touch skin, underneath the cage of bones, lies the heart. It pumps the blood that carries the oxygen, and that is life.

But inbetween the in breath and the out breath is death.

Where do I go from here? I wonder sometimes. I have worked so hard, and somedays I feel I can’t get any further. So now what?

I want love. An intense love. So gripping and passionate that I lose myself. The ocean pounds, bringing back the feeling of the womb.

But the way is uphill.

Carl Jung believes what we desire in a partner is the other part of us, our subconscious, and the individuation process is bringing that part to our consciousness.

Integration, the unconscious meets the conscious. Merging the two, they kiss. The day and the night. If someone achieved that they would be content, and life would be ever changing as the unconscious.

All attempts for happiness, chocolate, cars, partners, success, are to feel this feeling, even for a moment. But all are fleeting. There is no instant heaven. And between the in breath and out breath there is the death, and we want to run, to run and run.

Hercules went through Hades facing monsters that nearly destroyed him.

Osiris had his phallus broken and lost.

The closer one get’s to this subconscious the more likely one is to go mad or even to die.
And I believe few have made the journey of a full integration and have survived.

That is what I know about longing.


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