writing 101 day 3 favorite songs free write

three songs:
this night black lab
another new world josh ritter
video games lana del rey

This Night:
This Night is about guilt, not feeling good enough but wanting to go on anyway.   I feel that.

Another New World:
This man has a great dream. He will find the new world. And he will take his beloved ship, the Annabel Lee.  But when things go awry and he finds out his dream is nothing but a dream.   He has to sacrifice his ship to survive.  And this violent act represents giving everything up for an illusion and returning with nothing, the old world is destroyed for him in the process.  This song is meaningful to me because of all the times I have chased after things that turned out to be nothing more than sweet nothings.

Video Games by Lana Del Rey
Songs by Lana Del Rey are to me amazing.  There are so many feelings in one song of hers.  Love, sadness, doing the wrong thing and knowing it and doing it anyway, a sort of self harm, freedom.  I don’t know.  I can’t even say what this song is really about.


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