modern adaption of the hobbit, scene 1

the first scene of the hobbit:

A large surly man knocked at a nice door in a nice neighborhood. The door creaked open. Will saw at his door a man who wore a top hat and a blue coat from a magic store a size too small. “They call me the wizard. Do you remember me?”

“Um I don’t think so. I’m gonna go now.” Will starts to shut the door.

“Wait! You are Willy of the Tolks.” Will opens the door again and looks at him surprised. “Who are you?” he looks at the strange man with curiousity.

“And you are going to go on an adventure with me and my “dwarves.” The wizard winks at him. Will starts to close the door again, but the wizard slips his hand in the door jam.

“You really don’t remember me?” the wizard asks squinting. Will shakes his head. “I used to bring the fireworks for your dad’s restaurant. You were just a kid but how you ran about cheering when I came by with that box. Will’s eyes flash for a second of remembering. “Ah I think you remember now. Anyway, you liked fun and adventure then. What happened to you?”

“I don’t care for adventures. See this house? This neighborhood? This is a suberb, people like us don’t like adventures. I am going to college to be a doctor. Tomorrow and pretty much everyday I think I might die from studying. I don’t exactly have fun. But thanks anyway, if I see my dad soon I will let him know you stopped by.”

The wizard stood there. “I want you to go now so I can close the door.” said Will.

Well I will take my leave then. The wizard was a large man of 6’3″ and looked like he was fond of beer and food that was heavy in carbs. He took a deep bow and floundered to get back up and then turned to leave. Will closed his door.

After the door closed the Wizard turned around and walked quietly to the door and taped a joker card under the door bell. And then he turned back and walked swiftly to a blue Honda and drove off.


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