She didn’t like to sleep because then the dreams would come. She slept only when she collapsed in exhaustion. She’d do anything to blot them out.

But she couldn’t. Sleep would come again, taking her out of this world into another one, an inner one. The monsters came, distorted faces laughed as they chased. And she had to run.  She ran and ran, her breath tight from running so hard and yet they were always right at her heels, catching up.

She woke up sweating and alone in the dark. She’d walk to the kitchen eat something and turn on the tv. Let the light float on her retina. Drowning out any darkness and she watched it, the glow dancing on her eyes until she passed out. 

 Day would come and she’d drag herself up to the alarm. Miserable and tired, her body ached and mind screamed I need more sleep, she got up and got her clothes, brushed her hair a quick stroke or two, then ran for the door as the bus drove up, opening its doors like welcoming jaws and then swooshed her off to another day of school.


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