Creativity and getting inspiration

Something that helps me is to figure out why I am writing something.
People don’t write unless there is a reason, something inside that needs
to get out. I think all creative things are like that. People open
themselves up so the creativity can come out.
But understanding it is important I think. What do I need to express? And then thinking about those thoughts and refining them further helps. I do not like corny writing often even though the ideas may be right. Because life is not positive affirmations. It is much deeper and harder than that. But it also is not too deep or too hard. By analyzing life I can hopefully get to the right amount of deepness and hardness that is realistic.
Also another thing I do to inspire myself is read books and watch movies, or pay attention to my dreams. Pay attention to my life.
Where can you learn more then from your own self and your own mistakes?
What causes pain? Where is joy? What do I keep messing up at? What is the world like to me? Where is it headed?


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