Won’t you just tell mother?

Stacey had a worried look on her face. Matt on the other hand was sitting on the floor indian style looking outward at nothing.
“Oh come on,” she said, “you know mother needed this.”
“It was stupid.” he hisses, “you’re just adding to her personal delusions. She will be even more difficult to assuage next time. You know that right?”
“So what just tell her the truth and have her think that everyone hates her.”
“Everyone does hate her, she is a conniving bitch, who will stop at nothing to hurt others, she can handle this.”
“She’s my mom. And she deserves better than that.”
“And you’re going to come back to me crying just like before, looking for the answer next time you completely trust her all over again, thinking she actually was capable of being descent. Just face her.”
“No you’re right, I have to do this.” She reaches out and gives his shoulder a gentle squeeze. She looks at him, waiting for him to return a glance, but he remains motionless focused on some non reachable distance.
“Okay bye,” she blurts and then turns the handle and pulls the door and it swings open and she juts out.
The door clicks closed and his head looks down at the floor. He get’s up and heads out the door and to the parking lot and get’s into his car and drives home. When he is there he pours himself a stiff drink and turns on the tv. Staring at it and drinking, before he falls asleep on the couch.


Last week:

Stacey jumped into Matts arms and gave him a kiss on the mouth. He looks at her and smiles, and pushes the bangs from her eyes.
“What do you think of this dress?” she asks.
“It’s lovely, you are too.”
She gives a warm smile and then jumps back and gives a little spin, showing off her dress.
Are you ready to go to the party? she asks. Your not dressed quite as nice as I am, but it will do.”
“Yeah, he says in a stammer, “but I don’t think we should go.”
“What do you mean, my mother has come all the way here.”
“You know what happens whenever she comes by.” he pleads.
“It will be fine, you’ll get to meet my family. It will be an important moment for us.”
“Okay you’re right.” he whispers. “Well I guess let’s go then.”



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