What happened to you?

OMG she cried to herself, she pressed her palms into the gritty cement, particles of sand pushing in her hand. A 6 foot by foor room, on the door was a tiny window. But besides this there was nothing.
Hot tears stung her cheeks. When her meal was given to her through an opening in the door she ran to get it and sat down with it. She poked the contents with her fork. A green vegetable of some kind and pieces of cubed meat. But then she ate it up quickly.
What are the things that come to mind when you find out you are sentenced for life in prison for something you didn’t do. And the person who did this to you is out having a picnic somewhere. Anger seethed her body.
She had never known want or hunger and had little in the way of boredom, so for her this was quite the change. She’d hoped her family would come for her, but she was starting to think that it wouldn’t be so.
Then again maybe they just haven’t had enough time. Maybe they would come. They should figure out what happened soon enough, I mean how long could they go on living not knowing where she was. We’re family.
As time wore on she was allowed a couple things to pass the time. A book, some paper and pencil.
She licked the tip of her pencil and set to writing to her sister.
Dear Elizabeth:
I don’t know why the family has not come but I think of you everyday. In case you don’t know I am in the prison in England. I hope I was wrong about your husband, and if I ever do get out of this cell I will give him another chance and not just wack my jaw at him.
I hope we can go on a walk in the garden soon,
Love, Your sister forever


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